The Addams Family the Animated Series 1992 The Complete Series on Blu-ray

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The Addams Family the Animated Series 1992 The Complete Series with 21 Episodes on Blu-ray

Geared towards children, much of the family’s macabre nature was toned down. Unlike in the live action series Uncle Fester loves explosives and blowing himself up. In order for the series to fit with other Saturday morning cartoons, plot lines were geared around the family living in the bright, cheerful town of Happydale Heights and facing some kind of threat from a series of recurring villains or individuals who either wanted to force the Addams’ from their home or capture one of them (usually Uncle Fester) for nefarious purposes.

The first episode to air involved a plot against Uncle Fester by Norman Normanmeyer’s “arch nemesis,” a faceless gangster; the episode was aired out of production order, however, and relied on the viewers having seen previous episodes for context, thus leaving the audience in the dark as to why Norman had a nemesis. Later episodes would introduce the series’ most common recurring villains, an underwear obsessed family, the Normanmeyer’s that lived next door to the Addams and despised them for their lifestyle being an affront to typical suburban living (with the exception of their son N.J.).

Episodes dealing with the Normanmeyers usually involved Norman and Normina, trying to rid Happydale Heights of the Addams Family or spying on the Addams; N.J. is friends with Wednesday and Pugsley, inevitably leading to intrafamilial conflict. At the end of several episodes, when the conflict was resolved, Gomez usually suggested a family dance. The first suggestion for the dance was usually thrown out because of some weird requirement. Uncle Fester is usually the one to point out the reason the first suggestion should not be accepted albeit sometimes Gomez and Uncle Fester found themselves in a role reversal (with Uncle Fester making the suggestion and Gomez pointing out the reason not to follow it). The second suggestion was accepted and there was usually a requirement for that dance too.

This set is made with high quality paper, case and media.

Screenshots are taken from my 60” LCD TV. Enjoy!

All of my sets come with a menu so you can easily navigate to each episode.

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  1. robinperic

    Used to watch this version specifically every Sunday morning on Boomerang as a little kid, so this show is just straight up nostalgia, the dvd case art looks great, the picture quality looks just as amazing as I remember, perhaps even better, and the sound quality is amazing, literally been singing along to the opening theme song on every episode, 10/10 would recommend getting if you’re an Addams family fan.

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