Lazer Tag Academy The Complete Series 13 Episode Set on Blu-ray


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Lazer Tag Academy The Complete Series 13 Episode Set on Blu-ray

Set Breakdown:

This is the complete series all 13 episodes. The series is a VHS transfer cleaned and converted to Blu-ray upscaled to 720p HD. The quality is not perfect but in my opinion enjoyable.

The screenshots are taken from a 60” LCD TV with an iPhone playing on a standard Blu-ray.

All of my sets come with an interactive menu so you can easily navigate to each episode with chapter skips and a play all feature to play the whole disc.


Jamie Jaren, the Lazer Tag Champion of 3010, travels back in time to the year 1987 to help her ancestors, teenagers Tom and Beth and toddler Nicky. Jamie protects the kids from Draxon Drear, a master criminal from the year 2061 who was unwittingly revived from suspended animation by Jamie’s teacher Professor Olanga after he ended up in that state following a spaceship hijacking accident. Draxon’s spaceship crashed into the Atlantic Ocean and was kept in suspended animation until he was revived. Professor Olanga’s analysis reveals that Draxon is a relative of Jamie.

Draxon has traveled back in time to destroy Beth because she would eventually create the Starlyte gun and Starsensor (two real-life Lazer Tag products) worn by Jamie. These machines enabled Jamie to compete in the Lazer Tag tournaments of her time period. In the hands of certain individuals, a Starlyte is capable of producing effects that enable the wielder to manipulate matter and energy on a molecular scale and with the aid of the Starsensor, travel through time.

Draxon leads a group of genetically-enhanced humanoids called Skuggs who were originally created to serve humanity before they ended up in Draxon’s thrall. One of the Skuggs accidentally sets off the suspended animation gas on Draxon’s spaceship, which reawakens Draxon and the Skuggs several centuries in the future.

Beth and Tom’s parents Andrew and Genna Jaren were mostly ignorant to the battles with Draxon Drear and the Skuggs and believed Jamie was a foreign exchange student. In addition, Tom and Beth’s schoolmate Charles Ferguson is suspicious of Jamie, and repeatedly tries to learn her secret.

Playback breakdown:

Standard Blu-ray player: This has the highest playback of all options. I recommend this option if available to you – please make sure your Blu-ray player is fully updated for the best playback experience.

PlayStation 3: I have tested my sets on my PS3, I have a generation 1 FAT model with a firmware of 4.43 and it plays fine. Remember that playback of PS3 is determined by the version of the system and the update you’re on.

PlayStation 4: This has the highest playback of the PlayStation systems. Quality of playback is determined by the version of the system and the update you are currently on. Make sure your system is fully updated for the best playback.

Xbox One: Based on customers reports Xbox has the lowest playback of all game systems. There are some ways to improve playback by updating the system and making sure the Blu-ray app in the system has the newest update. Playback is determined by the version of the system and the update you’re on.

All of this information is based on customer reports and personal experience. I would urge you to go through my feedback to see other customers experiences with playback. Many customers have had great success playing these on game systems. I put this here to be open and honest with you so you can have the best experience possible.

Running these Blu-rays on a video game consoles could result in playback issues based on all the information above.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions. I am here to help. 🙂

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