Inhumaniods the Evil that Lies from Within the Complete Series all 13 Episodes on Blu-ray



Inhumanoids was a 13-episode Western Animation show by Sunbow Entertainment that aired in 1986. Like most 80’s cartoons, it was based on an accompanying toyline, which was made by Hasbro.
The main story focuses on a group of scientists called the Earth Corps. An enormous monster, called D’Compose, is discovered encased in amber in the Big Sur. By taking him out, they don’t realize that they have unleashed evil on their world. Following that, many more discoveries of grotesque monsters happen. Tendril and D’Compose are two of those eldritch abominations. With the help of The Redwoods, they try to put down the monsters again.
The show in its day had a lot of Family-Unfriendly Violence and remains a great source of scares. More importantly, it was an unusual kids’ show for its use of good subplots, strong pacing and suspense. Unfortunately, the toy line failed due to the major gimmick of the monster figures’ sheer size (14″, almost as big as the kids in the ads!) making them too expensive for many parents to buy, and so the show had to go too.

This is made with high quality paper, case and media.

The screenshots are taken from my 60” LCD TV. Enjoy.

All of my sets come with a menu so you can easily navigate to each episode.

Playback breakdown:

Standard Blu-ray player: This has the highest playback of all options. I recommend this option if available to you – please make sure your Blu-ray player is fully updated for the best playback experience.

PlayStation 3: I have tested my sets on my PS3, I have a generation 1 FAT model with a firmware of 4.43 and it plays fine. Remember that playback of PS3 is determined by the version of the system and the update you’re on.

PlayStation 4: This has the highest playback of the PlayStation systems. Quality of playback is determined by the version of the system and the update you are currently on. Make sure your system is fully updated for the best playback.

Xbox One: Based on customers reports Xbox has the lowest playback of all game systems. There are some ways to improve playback by updating the system and making sure the Blu-ray app in the system has the newest update. Playback is determined by the version of the system and the update you’re on.

All of this information is based on customer reports and personal experience. I would urge you to go through my feedback to see other customers experiences with playback. Many customers have had great success playing these on game systems. I put this here to be open and honest with you so you can have the best experience possible.

Running these Blu-rays on a video game consoles could result in playback issues based on all the information above.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions. I am here to help. 🙂

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