Garfield Holiday Collection with Bonus’s on Blu-ray in 1080p/720p HD



Garfield Holiday Collection with Bonus’s on Blu-ray in 1080p/720p HD

Set Breakdown:

 This is the most complete collection of Garfield specials all redone in 1080p/720p HD. The 3 holiday episodes are cleaned and upscaled in 1080p HD and the rest is cleaned and upscaled in 720p HD.

This set is made with high quality paper, case and media. The screenshots are taken from my 60” LCD TV with an iPhone playing on a standard Blu-ray player. Enjoy. ????

Episodes included:

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure:
“Garfield’s Halloween Adventure” finds the feisty feline and his pal Odie dressed as pirates out to pillage a village and return with bagsful of candy. Instead, the two get shipwrecked, then discover a haunted house inhabited by treasure-hunting pirates who’ve returned from the grave.

A Garfield Christmas:
Jon goes home to the farm for the holidays. While Odie works on a mystery gift, Garfield plans to surprise Grandma.

A Garfield Thanksgiving:
On Thanksgiving, according to Garfield, people celebrate food by eating as much of it as possible. It’s a tradition. But that tradition is history following a checkup from veterinarian Liz Wilson, a sassy lady who says Garfield must go on ann diet.

Garfield Gets a Life:
Garfield, Odie, and Jon realize that their lives lack excitement and they’re determined to remedy the situation. Join them as they explore everything from discos and dating services to makeover clinics.

Garfield Goes Hollywood:
Garfield, Odie and Jon have stars in their eyes; they’re auditioning for the TV talent show Pet Search as 50s rockers Johnny bop and the Two Steps and, if they win, they’ll get a thousand dollars and a shot at the national finals in Hollywood.

Garfield His 9 Lives:
Each of the nine stories has a short preface of Garfield in his modern incarnation, explaining how these various lives shaped aspects of Garfield’s personality, such as the origin of his fear of the veterinarian, his love of destructive behavior, his proclivity for a slothful lifestyle, and his extremely playful side.

Garfield in Paradise:
Garfield, Odie and Jon go vacationing on a tropical island along with the High Rama Lama of rock and roll, a princess and her cat – and a rumbling volcano.

Garfield in the Rough:
Packing for a vacation, Garfield is appalled to discover his destination; he’s getting back to nature with his owner Jon and his playmate, Odie the mutt. Of course, Garfield isn’t in for much fun – the forest rangers insult him; the tent doesn’t fit him; Odie dunks him in the lake; and, to top it all, a vicious panther is on the loose – and may be stalking him.

Garfield’s Babes & Bullets:
A parody of film noir mysteries, Garfield gets the chance to play hero as he imagines himself as Sam Spayed, an ace detective who’s been chosen by the mysterious Tanya to find her husband’s murderer.

Garfield’s Feline Fantasies:
Garfield imagines that he’s Lance Sterling, a droll soldier of fortune accompanied by his faithful associate Slobber Joe Odie on a Middle East mission. Their assignment is to recover the stolen Banana of Bombay, the source of the old banana peel sight gag and therefore the symbol of humor to nations around the world.

Here Comes Garfield:
The newspaper comic strip about a lazy, lasagna-loving, egocentric, yet loveable cat named Garfield. The story finds Garfield attempting to rescue his slow-witted friend, Odie the Mutt, from the dog pound.

Garfield on the Town:
Garfield, the plump, pasta-loving cat, falls out of his owner’s car on the way to the vet. He finds himself on the delightful, but dangerous streets of the city where, after several adventures, he runs into his long-lost family.

Playback breakdown:

Standard Blu-ray player: This has the highest playback of all options. I recommend this option if available to you – please make sure your Blu-ray player is fully updated for the best playback experience.

PlayStation 3: I have tested my sets on my PS3, I have a generation 1 FAT model with a firmware of 4.43 and it plays fine. Remember that playback of PS3 is determined by the version of the system and the update you’re on.

PlayStation 4: This has the highest playback of the PlayStation systems. Quality of playback is determined by the version of the system and the update you are currently on. Make sure your system is fully updated for the best playback.

Xbox One: Based on customers reports Xbox has the lowest playback of all game systems. There are some ways to improve playback by updating the system and making sure the Blu-ray app in the system has the newest update. Playback is determined by the version of the system and the update you’re on.

All of this information is based on customer reports and personal experience. I would urge you to go through my feedback to see other customers experiences with playback. Many customers have had great success playing these on game systems. I put this here to be open and honest with you so you can have the best experience possible.

Running these Blu-rays on a video game consoles could result in playback issues based on all the information above.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions. I am here to help. 🙂

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