Barney Christmas Collection: Waiting for Santa, A Very Merry Christmas, Gift of a Dino, Barney’s Christmas Star, Barney’s Night Before Christmas on Blu-ray DVD Combo



Barney Christmas Collection: Waiting for Santa, A Very Merry Christmas, Gift of a Dino, Barney’s Christmas Star, Barney’s Night Before Christmas on Blu-ray

Set Breakdown:


This collection contains: Waiting for Santa, A Very Merry Christmas, Gift of a Dino, Barney’s Christmas Star, Barney’s Night Before Christmas are all redone in 720p HD with a menu system so you can choose the special you would like to watch and a play all feature to play the whole disc. The bonus extra is an episode of Preschool Power.


The DVD contains Waiting for Santa done in standard 480p.

The screenshots are taken from my 60” TV with an iPhone playing on a standard Blu-ray player. Screenshots are taken from the Blu-ray version.

Waiting for Santa:

Barney and the kids travel to the North Pole to assure new-friend Derek that his name is on Santa’s good list. They frolic on ice, play in the snow, and learn that giving things to others is what Christmas is all about.

A Very Merry Christmas:

Barney and the kids are decorating the caboose for Christmas. Barney explains the concept of “Snowflake Buddies”, in which one chooses a paper snowflake, and gives the person who’s name is written on the snowflake a gift. Baby Bop then arrives with a long Christmas wish-list, so Barney and his friends explain to her that Christmas is also about giving. Later, the group decides to write Christmas cards to their friends, as well as Santa Claus. Later, they act out a Christmas story of “The Nutcracker”.

Gift of a Dino:

Barney and his friends are decorating the caboose for Christmas when Barney decides to plan a “Secret Santa” game. Everyone has to buy or make a gift for the friend whose name they have drawn. BJ hopes for a Major League Baseball mitt to go with his baseball, while Riff hopes for some drum sticks for his drum. Before long, both BJ and Riff are struggling with getting gifts for one another. So, BJ decides to trade his baseball in order to get drumsticks for Riff, and Riff does the same with his drum to get BJ a baseball mitt. Barney comes back as he dressed as Santa Claus and the group gets a Christmas tree. The others open their gifts and soon BJ and Riff are disappointed, because, despite getting the gifts they wanted, they had to trade their favorite things to do so. Barney reminds them that it’s not about getting gifts, but giving them. To get their mind off their disappointment, Barney and the others take them out to hear some carollers. Barney still happens to have a few more gifts in his “Santa bag,” including BJ’s baseball and Riff’s drum. All’s well that ends well in the park, as the purple guy and his friends sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas“.

Barney’s Christmas Star:

sends Barney and his friends on a mission to find the perfect Christmas star for the top of the tree!

Barney’s Night Before Christmas:

Robert, Keesha, and Stephen arrive at Hannah’s house to give gifts and help with the Christmas decorating. Barney appears and helps the group decorate outside the house and yard. Inside, Barney and the kids, along with Baby Bop, help decorate the living room and trim the Christmas tree. After the decorating is finished, Barney and Baby Bop go outside to play in the snow. Then, BJ appears, pretending to be Santa Claus.  After sharing cookies, Baby Bop asks Barney who fills Santa’s stocking. The group agrees that they should fill Santa’s stocking with homemade gifts. Upon finishing the gifts, with some imagination, Barney whisks his friends to the North Pole.

While Santa is asleep at his desk, Barney and his friends sneak over to fill his stocking with the gifts. After Baby Bop sneezes, all of Santa’s toys start going off, awakening him. Upon friendly greetings, Santa shows the group that all of them have made it on to his ‘Good List’. Santa shows the group all of his special collectible, vintage toys before showing them a secret passage to the toy factory.

Entering the toy factory, Mrs. Claus greets the group and takes them on a special train ride through the toy factory. Afterwards, the group agrees to help Mrs. Claus finish some gift wrapping. Everyone returns to meet-up with Santa, where he gives Baby Bop a special music box for thinking of filling his stocking on Christmas Eve. Baby Bop and BJ stay with Santa to join him on his sleigh ride for evening. With some imagination, Barney and the kids return to Hannah’s house, where they are greeted by carolers. 

Later, Hannah wakes up, too excited to sleep in anticipation for Santa Claus. After playing with Barney a little longer, she falls asleep on the couch. They sing “I Love You” and wish each other Merry Christmas. Hannah’s parents bring her up to her bedroom; when, soon after, Santa appears down her chimney. 

Playback breakdown:

Standard Blu-ray player: This has the highest playback of all options. I recommend this option if available to you – please make sure your Blu-ray player is fully updated for the best playback experience.

PlayStation 3: I have tested my sets on my PS3, I have a generation 1 FAT model with a firmware of 4.43 and it plays fine. Remember that playback of PS3 is determined by the version of the system and the update you’re on.

PlayStation 4: This has the highest playback of the PlayStation systems. Quality of playback is determined by the version of the system and the update you are currently on. Make sure your system is fully updated for the best playback.

Xbox One: Based on customers reports Xbox has the lowest playback of all game systems. There are some ways to improve playback by updating the system and making sure the Blu-ray app in the system has the newest update. Playback is determined by the version of the system and the update you’re on.

All of this information is based on customer reports and personal experience. I would urge you to go through my feedback to see other customers experiences with playback. Many customers have had great success playing these on game systems. I put this here to be open and honest with you so you can have the best experience possible.

Running these Blu-rays on a video game consoles could result in playback issues based on all the information above.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions. I am here to help. :)

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